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During 2021 we were given this "Tiny House".

It was a wonderful and unexpected gift and can be found on our Biscay Road property


Jackie Nowell is the donor and this is her story:

I was born and raised in southern Maine.  I’ve been gone 30+ years and currently live in Washington DC. I had fallen in love with the Mid-Coast and hoped one day to come back and settle here.  I rented  the Tiny House in Nobleboro for 2 Augusts, 2018 and 2019, from a couple who are new young farmers.  In 2019, the couple offered to sell me the property, including Tiny House.  The property also had a foundation for a small house.

The subject of a “Maine Calling” (NPR, Jennifer Rooks) program last summer was on the dire need for affordable housing in Maine.  One guest, an attorney with Pine Tree Legal in Portland argued for the need to be creative and suggested tiny houses as one alternative to be considered.  She said they are ideal for some people who need housing but can’t tolerate congregate housing or who need solitude.  My plan was to build a house on a foundation that was also on the property.  I committed myself that day to donate Tiny House.

I have an embarrassment of riches, in this case houses -- my home in DC, a condo in Wells I inherited from my mom who died last year and the my new house in Nobleboro is complete!

I found Stepping Stone Housing through another non-profit that doesn’t need more housing and would have sold it as a fund-raiser.  However, I am committed to have tiny house provide a house for someone (or a couple).  Marilee Harris and I met in October.  She told me about Stepping Stone and it sounded like a good match.  Stepping Stone had property, I had a house!

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