Permanent Yard Sale

Our Six Bay Garage at 53 Biscay Road

Since the fall of 2020 Stepping Stone Housing has been accepting donations of furniture and many different household goods.  We sell most of the donations to raise funds for our program and it has been very successful.  In addition, we partner with local agencies and social workers to donate back items we receive to people in need.  We have donated many items because of this active collaboration and network.

Our volunteer leader for this program is Karen Bachelder.  She can be contacted at 207-380-7058 or at  We can often make pickups when needed in Lincoln County.  Items may be left at our six-bay garage at 53 Biscay Road, Damariscotta at any time.

We generally do not sell or distribute clothing but when we do receive clothing we donate it back out to organizations that can use the clothing.  The same is true of books.

Here is a list of items we gratefully accept:

Solid, clean furniture.                           

Working Appliances                                                


Building Materials, Hardware and Tools.                

Kitchen Gadgets.                                                           

Power Equipment - only if working.


Bed Frames, Box Springs, and Mattresses - only if clean and unstained

Home Décor and Art

Clothing - clean and in good condition

Exercise equipment - only if working


Please DO NOT leave us the following items as we cannot sell them and must pay to dispose of them:


Electronics including computers, monitors and printers. TV’s, stereo equipment, etc.

Tires or auto batteries.

Pianos or organs.


Broken items including furniture.