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Stepping Stone Housing Inc. is a 501c (3) non-profit organization that provides affordable transitional housing for individuals and families that earn less than a living wage in Lincoln County.​

We are a local, volunteer run, grassroots program dedicated to helping those who earn less than a

living wage find affordable housing as a "stepping stone" to a better life.

Stepping Stone Housing purchases, owns, maintains, and renovates properties currently in Bremen, Bristol,

Damariscotta and Waldoboro with the intention of expanding the number of housing units in the years to come.

We work with our residents on budgeting, planning, and goal setting and direct them to community resources to help them succeed. In order to fill the gap between our costs and the rent our tenants can pay and expand our services,

we fundraise through our annual fund, yard sales, and tennis tournament, and work with

other social service organizations to donate surplus goods donated to us.

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