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Stepping Stone Housing would really appreciate your gift of an auto that you no longer want. 


 A recurring problem for our residents is lack of transportation.  It is generally hard to hold a job and function in a rural area with no affordable public transportation.  Just maintaining an auto is a challenge for a low income family.  When an automobile breaks down and needs expensive repairs the family is often severely stressed.

We would most like vehicles that have an inspection sticker or could get one with some relatively inexpensive repairs.  The most desirable vehicles would be those that get relatively good gas mileage.

Unlike most charities that solicit automobile contributions we would usually not be selling your vehicle.  Rather, we would be giving it to a family in need.  Because of this your charitable deduction would be the full fair market value of your vehicle, and not just limited to the selling price. 

If you have a vehicle you are interested in donating please contact Bruce Bachelder at or 207-380-7056.

Stepping Stone Housing will help with title transfer, pick up and necessary tax documents.

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